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The Medthodist and the Caterpillar

by Little Baby Ginn

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This war must end!
We must end the shattering of Iraqi and American lives by offering American generosity and support ? but not control ? for international and nongovernmental efforts to assist Iraqis in making peace and rebuilding their country, while swiftly and safely bringing home all American troops.

Just as Isaiah called the People Israel to hear the Yom Kippur fast as God’s call to feed the hungry, just as Jesus fasted in the wilderness, just as Christians through Lenten fasting and Muslims through Ramadan fasting have focused on spiritual transformation, just as Mohandas Gandhi, Cesar Chavez and others drew on fasting to change the course of history, so we call on all our communities of faith to draw now on fasting as a path toward inner spiritual transformation and outward social transformation.

American culture, society, and policy are addicted to violence at home and overseas. In our time, the hope of a decent future is endangered by an unnecessary, morally abhorrent, and disastrous war.

Ending this war can become the first step toward a policy that embodies a deeper, broader sense of generosity and community at home and in the world.


Religious leaders from several traditions invite you to join with millions of other Americans participating in interfaith events in your local community on October 7 and 8th, for the breaking of bread, fasting, and breaking our fast together as we covenant together to live out the deepest calling in each of our traditions - the desire for justice and for peace for all people.”

I noted on the Interfaithfast site the presence of Dr. Sayyid M. Sneed of the Islamic Society Of North America and his open letter to Islamic leaders regarding the upcoming “Interfaith Fast.”

A Call to the Islamic Leaders

Dear Islamic Leader:

Assalamu Alaykum,

Once again the month of Ramadan, the month of fasting is coming with all the blessings and favors from Allah Almighty. Particularly, around Oct 8, we will be looking for the Night of Power that opens the doors of Allah’s mercy, forgiveness and spiritual enhancement, praying during that one night is equal to praying for a thousand months.
From Call to Islamic leaders
It didn't take much digging to discover Daniel Pipes has more info on Dr. Sayyid M. Syeed:

Secretary General - Dr. Sayyid M. Syeed - On ISNA's support [providing booth space at its annual conventions and fundraising activities] of the faux Islamic charity the Holy Land Foundation, now under Federal indictment - "We have helped in the past to establish these charities and relief organizations...They are not legally part of us."

Previous to his association with ISNA, Syeed was the Director of Academic Outreach for the International Institute of Islamic Thought [IIIT], an Islamist think tank in Herndon Virginia. The IIIT has been raided as part of Federal terrorism investigations, at least once in regards to the prosecution of Sami Al-Arian [Al-Arian is currently on trial in Florida for establishing a funding network for the terrorist group, Palestinian Islamic Jihad] whom ISNA and Syeed have defended.

During the time Syeed was at IIIT they made contributions to Sami Al-Arian's Quranic Literacy Institute. Of those contributions Syeed now says - "It was a surprise for me, a shock for me."
Back to the United Methodist Board:
Word From Winkler
Out Now!
by Jim Winkler

The 3000th U.S. soldier has died in Iraq. What a terrible tragedy! Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis1 have also died in this needless war. No one responsible for initiating the illegal invasion of Iraq has been held accountable in a court of law for this turn of events.

Saddam Hussein has been hanged. Most of the civilized world laments his execution because, like The United Methodist Church, they have long ago concluded the death penalty is morally wrong. (Read more on the Church's view .) I believe a significant reason why the United States wanted Saddam dead is because, as Iraq spins ever further out of control, it feared somehow Iraqis would begin to demand the tyrant be returned to power. No matter how badly George Bush has bungled the invasion and conquest of Iraq, having Saddam back in charge would have been the mother of all disasters for the United States.
After perusing the United Methodist site I wondered who is Jim Winkler as he had written most of the articles. Turns out Jim is the General Secretary of the Board and also a Methodist pastor. Jim’s been fairly busy. May 23, 2006)--The United Methodist Church's chief social-issues spokesman, the Rev. Jim Winkler, says Congress should impeach President Bush "to advance the kingdom of God."
Winkler proposed that during the annual "Ecumenical Advocacy Days," attended by delegates from his church and other denominations, most of them members of the National Council of Churches.

In his view, "there was nothing Christian" in President Bush's response to the 9/11 attacks.

The Methodist church's official Social Principles declare, "War is incompatible with the teachings and example of Christ," and reject war "as an instrument of national foreign policy."
More on Winkler
The Methodists are appalled that the Caterpillar Company is selling bulldozers to Israel. So shocked they are washing their hands of them. But the Methodists see nothing wrong with the declared terrorist at HAMAS, it's fund-raising arm at the indicted Holy Land Foundation and apologist buddy, Sayyid M. Syeed.

A strange case indeed.

From the Front Page:
If a Liberal tells you that the “Christians” support Bush you might want to point out the position of the United Methodists. The third largest religious body in America their membership is 7.9 million. They are anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian, anti-Bush, anti-Iraq War and have a relationship with the Islamic Society Of North America.
According to this release the United Methodist Lobby will be voting next April on whether to divest their 5 million dollars of Caterpillar, Inc. stock because Caterpillar sells bulldozers to Israel and that this action facilitates “Israel’s destruction of Palestinian property.” More here.
Over at the United Methodist’s General Board And Society Site was a notice for an “Interfaith Fast To End The War In Iraq, October 8, 2007.”

Who is this Below is an excerpt from their site. Curiously it is rather poorly written and also seems to be anti-Iraq war. From their website:
We call on all Americans to join in fasting from dawn to dusk on Monday, October 8, to call for an end to the Iraq War. On this day, people of faith in local communities across our nation will act as catalysts to transform the meaning of the day from one of conquest to community and from violence to reverence.
Why: This war must end!
Interfast info

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